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Now, a barrister in Nigeria, Remy Ilona, asserts that the Igbo people of that western African nation are likewise Israelite descendants. As a boy, I heard, like every other Igbo heard, that the Igbo people came from Israel There are at least 35 million Israelites who are now known as Igbos, to the less than 1 million Israelites who didn't leave the Near East, whose DNA shows in the Middle Eastern percentage. My DNA..

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The original uploader video was taken down and it had over 500,000+ views. His channel had also been deleted for bringing out this truth, but a copy of the F.. The Igbo Jews - The Igbo are one of Nigeria's largest ethnic groups. Among them is a minority of practicing Jews who believe they are descended from the lost tribes of Israel The growing movement of the Igbo tribe's return to its Israelite heritage is nothing short of miraculous. What started out as a small percentage of Igbo interested in returning to the pratices of their ancestors as they were before the slave trade was brought to the Gold Coast of Africa is now a wide spread movement Igbo's Are Israelites by pashiano(m): 1:34pm On Dec 25, 2016 IGBO'S Am here to give u another EDUCATIVE and INFORMATIVE Masterpiece. If u are Igbo then this write-up will help u know more About ur self and where u are coming from, but if u are not Igbo, now u have the opportunity to learn more about the Igbos and why they Exhibit some characters

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  1. Igbo: Here's why there is a possibility that this tribe is from Israel [CNN] To believe that the Igbos is one of the lost tribes of Israel might sound ridiculous to a lot of people
  2. Jews from outside Nigeria founded two synagogues in Nigeria, which are attended and maintained by Igbos. Because no formal census has been taken in the region, the number of Igbos in Nigeria who identify as either Israelites or Jews is not known. There are currently 26 synagogues of various sizes
  3. There have long been rumors of a more direct connection between the Igbo and Judaism, and in a country currently torn apart by Christian-Muslim sectarian violence the idea that a third religious..

Igbo Benei-Yisrael clan Because no formal census has been taken in the region, the number of Igbos in Nigeria who identify as either Israelites or Jews is not known. There are currently 26 synagogues of various sizes. Some researchers estimate there may be as many as 30,000 Igbos practicing some form of Judaism The tribal/national name of the people in discussion 'Ibo' or 'Igbo' is derived from Ibri. Abraham the ancestor of the Hebrew people is the ancestor that the Israelites that became the Igbo took his title as their collective name. Abraham was specifically referred to as 'Abram the Hebrew' (Gen.14:13)

Les Juifs igbos (ou Juifs ibos ou Ibos bnei Israël) sont des membres de l' ethnie Igbos du Nigeria qui pratiquent la religion juive et prétendent provenir de l'émigration hébraïque, et ultérieurement juive d' Afrique du Nord et d' Égypte, en Afrique de l'Ouest Les Igbo sont une ethnie habitant le sud-est du Nigeria. Ils constituent 18 % de la population du pays et donc représentent ainsi le troisième ethnique le plus important du pays. Ils parlent l'igbo, une langue de type nigéro-congolais. Ce sont des agriculteurs majoritairement chrétiens, dont la société est basée sur un système de classes d'âges. Ethnonymie. Selon les sources, on. He is also the secretary-general of Hebrew-Igbo people, an Igbo socio-cultural organization. He is also an author of 10 books. He is of Ibo or Igbo extraction, and a lawyer by training, as well as.

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  1. Are the Igbo related to the Israelites? This is the question Salamatou Naino Idi asked and I will do my best to answer her question. Probably there is some connection, but the culture traits and religious practices of the Igbo who claim to be Israelites appear to represent a relatively modern departure from the traditional religious practices of other Igbo clans
  2. The Igbo people have been scattered all over the earth. there is no place you go to in the world today, that you won't find an Igbo person toiling for survival. No other people in this world have been scattered so far away from their homeland like the Igbo people. This is clear biblical prophesy happening in our very eyes. and even while Igbos are scattered far away from their homeland, they.
  3. Posted by OzoIgboNdu1 of Igbo Defender September 8, 2019 September 8, 2019 Posted in Uncategorized Tags: Aaron, Amadioha, Egypt, Ife, Igbo, Israelites, Jews, Kamalu, Nri, Nubia, Obatala Genetic Discovery Suggests Igbos Are The Oldest People On Earth (240,000 Years) - Dr Philip Njemanz

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Igbo people are descended from the Israelites, which may have played a major role in Igbo Jewish identity today. The Igbo can, at least culturally, be considered a hybrid people. They are geographically and culturally West African. They come from Nigeria, with significant amounts of people living in the Americas as a result of the Atlantic Slave Trade. That being said, the Igbo have their own. Israelites and Igbos are brothers, he says with a broad smile. King Eri, like many, claims that the Igbo are the Jews of West Africa. They believe they are descendants of at least one of Israel's lost tribes. In the eighth century B.C. the Assyrians invaded Israel's northern kingdom forcing 10 tribes into exile. Historians say it is not unlikely that these tribes migrated westward to. The Lost Moorish Igbo-Israelites of Sao Tome: The Hebrew Tribes of Biafra - by - Iroabuchi. September 11, 2009 Don Jaide 15 Comments. Spread the love. Tweet; 71. Shares. Edited March 12th. 2009. Words to look to look at . Moors The Moors, anglocised for Omoros (omo oro) meaning 'children of light' and not 'light children' can be translated as 'sons of civilization'. They.

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The people known as the Jews today were known as the Israelites, and also as ha Ibri (the Hebrews), after their ancestors Israel and Abraham. All that we have seen in Igbo culture indicate that the Igbos emanated from the twelve tribes of Israel. Logic tells the rest of the story. It is a tradition for the Igbos to bear the names of their ancestors. All Igbos are from one clan or the other. TORONTO — It's remarkable that finding the lost tribes of Israel, who were forcibly dispersed from the Holy Land some 2,800 years ago, still stirs the imagination. The Jews of Ethiopia, said to be the descendants of the tribe of Dan, are the best known. Most of them now live in Israel. There's evidenc The igbo are hebrews , Israelites. Report. Browse more videos. Playing next. 12:28. HEBREWS ISRAELITES JUDEANS - Ebrei Israeliti Giudei. Serafino Massoni. About 10 years ago, Ilona began serious researching the Israelite heritage of the Igbo people. His father, he explained, always talked about Israel with special interest. The research confirmed what the Igbo always believed, that the Igbo descended from ancient Israelites, he said

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Jewish Voice Ministries said they traveled to Nigeria to investigate claims that the Igbo people are descendants of ancient Israelites. Some Igbo believe that the term Igbo is a bastardized. Différentes populations noires, des Beta Israel / Falasha d'Ethiopie aux Igbo du Nigéria en passant par les Black Hebrew Israélites aux Etats-Unis se considèrent aujourd'hui comme des descendants des premiers Israélites. Les Lemba d'Afrique australe apparaissent comme différents dans cet ensemble, puisque leur rapport au Judaïsme semble avant tout légitimé par des études. Achetez et téléchargez ebook Hebrew Igbo Republics: Culture, Religion and DNA (English Edition): Boutique Kindle - Jewish : Amazon.f IGBO is short for HEBREW. Check out these YouTube videos. The Nigerian Igbo Israelite connection or Biafra/Igbo put down your the latter by Eunice Young. I was absolutely amazed to discover that they too believe that they are the hebrew Israelites. In Igbo land and Igbo culture there is a story that has been passed down to pretty. Igbo are hebrews israelites

Informative video on the Igbo's of Nigeria and Hebrewism. Black History Books Black History Facts Black Hebrew Israelites Babylon The Great Biblical Hebrew 12 Tribes Of Israel Tribe Of Judah We Are The World Tora The Igbo Intelligentsia delegated Dr Alex Ekwueme, Dee Sam Mbakwe and Chief Odumegwu Ojukwu to represent us in the Abacha Constitutional Conference in 1995 and present the Igbo Master Plan. Dr. Igbo Men. However, apart from the story of how they came into being, the Igbos also shares some similar practices with the biblical Jews. But upon factual analysis, one is forced to rethink the possibility of this claim. Known to be third largest of the three major ethnic groups in Nigeria, the typical Igbo communities are found in the southeastern part of Nigeria. And according to oral.

DISCLAIMER: Rabbi Yehudah, HebrewIgbo.com, Igbo Friends of Israel, and Abraham's Descendants International does not promote nor endorse slander in regards to other persons, ministries and or organizations who oppose or have a differing opinion and or belief regarding the origins of Ndi Igbo. Abraham's Descendants International www.abrahamsdescendants.com. Learn more about the Hebrew origins. Jul 20, 2017 - Igbo Israel: The Igbo's of Nigeria: Hebrew's of West Africa - YouTub Equiano was 11 years old when Igbo-speaking slave catchers stole him and his sister away from their home. But he wasn't immediately shipped off to the British colonies. Instead, he worked as a.

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Are the Igbos from Israel by origin? This notion that at least part of the Igbos originated from a lost tribe of Israel had been played for some time. This claim is not unique to South east Nigeria, but also occurs in communities stretching all th.. Au Nigeria, les Igbo revendiquent également une identité juive depuis des décennies. Une trentaine de synagogues existent entre Abuja et Port Harcourt, et on peut considérer que plusieurs. Igbo culture and languages, as well as other cultures from Africa, were key in forming the Jamaican Patois language and culture during the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade. 20 Jamaican Patois words that. In Nigeria, there are a group of Igbo Jews who practice Judaism and have E1B1A in abundance in their DNA. The Cohen modal haplotype, which Ashkenazi Jews claim that proves you are a Levitical priest does not appear within the haplogroup E1B1A because the Cohen modal haplotype has nothing to do with Abraham or the Biblical Israelites

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David Onwuchekwa, Nnewi President of the Redeemed Israel Community of Nazarene Association (RICONA) of Nigeria, Bishop Ignatius Orizu, has insisted that the Igbo are Jews. He said the. There is an old belief among the Igbo population — at some 30 million people, one of Nigeria's largest ethnic groups — that they are descended from the ancient Israelites. After a bloody civil war in the 1960s left more than 1 million Igbos dead, their identification with the Jews, who faced their own genocide, took on a new depth This video series deals with the Igbo tribe of Nigeria and how they are a part of the Biblical lost tribe of Gad as well as other tribes of Israel, such as J.. On the understanding and belief that the Igbo have been traced to the LOST TRIBE OF ISRAEL through Aguleri, His Majesty Eze A.E. Chukwuemeka Eri, Eze Eri, Ezeora 34th, Eze Aka Ji Ofor Igbo was appointed leader of the Igbo-Israelites in West-Africa in May 1996, during a conference of king Solomon Igbo-Israelites (Bani-Israel) Federation, held in Philadelphia, U.S.A. the conference was aimed at.

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Igbo Hebrews is on Facebook. Join Facebook to connect with Igbo Hebrews and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to share and makes the world more open and connected We are Israelites! We are Jews! Most non Igbo Jews learn from immersion into Igbo studies that the core essence of the Jewish way of life, as described, defined and compiled in the Torah, is what the Igbos call the Igbo culture-Ome na ana. Translated into English Ome na ana means things, laws, customs, morals, traditions that are to be observed in the land. As the Hebrew leader Moses.

Ezeora invites Igbo scholars to not abandon the true historical myths and legends of Eri and his descendants in search of invented histories tht have no PROVEN roots in Igboland, but to fearlessly exhume and expose the true Igbo ancestral history for the edification of Ndi Igbo and the world. Ezeora says tht he believes Hebrews/Israelites are of the Eri clans and enjoins researchers to search. Because no formal census has been taken in the region, the number of Igbo in Nigeria who identify as either Israelites or Jews is not known. There are currently 26 synagogues of various sizes. In 2008 an estimated 30,000 Igbos were practicing some form of Judaism Paul Obi-Ani, a history professor who is himself Igbo, says Igbo Jews and the ancient Israelites share cultural trait resemblances but that there's little established historical evidence of any connection to the ancient Israelites. Within the Ibo, there exist three ethnic sub-identities. They are Benei Gath, Benei Zevulun and Benei Menashsheh, Ibo Jews. The Ibo of Benei Gath are. Nigeria: The Igbo The Igbo Jews are said to have migrated from Syria, Portugal and Libya into West Africa around 740 C.E. It is claimed that the initial immigrants were from the biblical tribes of Gad, Asher, Dan, and Naphtali. Later, they were joined by more Jewish immigrants from Portugal and Libya in 1484 and 1667 respectively An Igbo writer; S.C. Onwuka mentioned that Igbos call upon 'heaven and earth to witness' while they are praying. 6 I submit that it is not just coincidental that both languages have such an identical expression, and use it in similar circumstances. Also Dr. J. H. Hertz, a Jewish scholar; had while explaining the nuance in Numbers 14:22, these ten times stated that it could stand for.

The Igbos practice many of the same laws that GOD(YAH) gave to the Israelites. Hosid Levi (2005) suggested in his writing, THE LOST TRIBES OF ISRAEL IN AFRICA, that the name Igbo is a form of the name HEBREW. In many ways, the affinity between the native Igbo law and the Mosaic legal system is remarkable, according to Levi (2005) Igbo kwenu! Wondering what name to give your little Igbo princess? We are happy to help! Whether you are an old soul and would prefer core Igbo names such as Obiageli; or you are in search of modern names such as Zioranachidinma, we've got it all covered.Our comprehensive and diverse list of over 300 traditional and modern, as well as unique, trendy and beautiful Igbo names for girls, has. Igbo (Ibo), people living chiefly in southeastern Nigeria who speak Igbo, a language of the Benue-Congo branch of the Niger-Congo language family. Before European colonization, the Igbo lived in autonomous local communities, but by the mid-20th century a sense of ethnic identity was strongly developed Mar 2, 2014 - This Pin was discovered by Serge TRULLU. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinteres Like Nwafor, Tikvat Israel's congregants are Igbo, who believing themselves to be descendants of Israelites who many centuries ago arrived in what is now Nigeria, identify themselves as Jews.

Jan 24, 2016 - The Igbo have long viewed themselves as descendants of ancient Israelites igbo hebrew israelites. November 13, 2018; 0 comments; Hebrew Israelite, Uncategorized; 0 comments. No comments yet. Leave a Reply. You must be logged in to post a comment. Shalom, Hebrew Meet is happy to announce the lunch of our very own social media app for the last year, we have been seeing increasing monitoring of our social media accounts therefore it was very important that we start to. Igbo folk-lore discuss times and events that took place in a location that suffered from droughts. Ruth the noble Moabitess joined the Israelites because she met and married an . Israelite man. Others claim Igbo civilization is older than that of the Israelites . A Shabbat service is underway at the Ghihon Hebrew Research synagogue in the Jikwoyi suburb of Nigeria's federal capital territory. Fourteen year-old Kadmiel Izungu Abor heads there with his family. They walk alongside stray goats on a road covered in red dust and potholes, lined with open sewage. They are nearly 20. Are Lemba Jews, Ethiopian Jews and Igbo Tribe Jews considered Israelites or Hamites by Hebrew Israelites? Close. 1. Posted by 10 days ago. Are Lemba Jews, Ethiopian Jews and Igbo Tribe Jews considered Israelites or Hamites by Hebrew Israelites? Do opinions vary on this question within the Hebrew Israelite community? 3 comments. share . save hide report. 60% Upvoted. Log in or sign up to leave.

Igbo Landing is a historic site at Dunbar Creek on St. Simons Island, Glynn County, Georgia.In 1803 one of the largest mass suicides of enslaved people took place when Igbo captives from what is now Nigeria were taken to the Georgia coast. In May 1803, the Igbo and other West African captives arrived in Savannah, Georgia, on the slave ship the Wanderer The Igbo are a decentralized group of clans that have a tradition that they migrated from a northern area and are of the tribes of Ephraim, Naphtali, Menasseh, Levi, Zebulun and Gad. The British recorded how the Igbo kept circumcision, stayed away from impure meat, practiced biblical purity laws and much more. Their oral traditions are called Omenana, what to do in the Land HE THEN CALLS IGBOS `HEBREW ISRAELITES. 5 years ago; BUTv; Leave a comment; BY VINCENT UJUMADU-Vanguardngr THERE is a debate over the origin of Igbo. Two Anambra communities - Nri in Anaocha local government area and Aguleri in Anambra East local government area claim the Igbo originated from their areas. It was Eze Obidiegwu Onyesoh, the traditional ruler of Nri, who started the argument.

If Judaism is broadened so that the currently majoritarian form, rabbinic Judaism, is seen as just one variant, then the way is clearer to admit that other groups such as Hebrew Israelites of various kinds, Lemba, Igbo, and Beta Israel, are all variants along with more established forms such as the Karaites and perhaps Samaritans; many of these groups do not accept the others, but all of. Définitions de Coromantee people, synonymes, antonymes, dérivés de Coromantee people, dictionnaire analogique de Coromantee people (anglais The Israelites also settled the areas beyond the land of Kush, which we will discuss shortly. Let's first discuss an early Israelite presence in Ethiopia. The modern country of Ethiopia and peoples of Ethiopia are often identified with the biblical land of Kush. The ancient kingdom of Kush encompassed areas of modern southeast Sudan and northwest Ethiopia. A few years prior to the Assyrian.

The Igbo people who own a large part of Southern Nigeria, and who are desendants of ancient Israelites There are that reports from the international president of the Jewish Voice Ministries, Rab¬bi Jonathan Bernis, have asserted that we Igbos are not Jews. According to the reports, the results of the DNA samples taken in Nnewi returned negative. Igbo are not Jews. how about Jews being Igbo? Whites cannot beget blacks, but blacks can beget [ the Israelites. After the fall of Samaria in 722 b.c., they were deported to eastern Syria and adopted the ruling Assyrian kings as their own. The collapse of the Assyrian empire is, however, mainly seen through the eyes of the Babylonian conquerors of Nineveh in 612 b.c. This second shift of perspective reflects the disillusionment of the Israelite and Babylonian deportees from Syria.

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  1. The Igbo people are one of the largest ethnic groups in West Africa. There are about 32 million of us (I am Igbo by heritage) and Igbo are native to Nigeria. Before the arrival of Christianity, the Igbo people practiced a religion called Ödïnanï. Ödïnanï venerates the God of the Earth and Its Hosts of spirits (Anï). Ödïnanï or Omenana describes this method of venerating or worshiping.
  2. This s an Igbo History book that has the first time told of how the people of the South East and the South South Zones are Igbo. These are the Edo, the Itsekiri, the Urhobo, the Ijaw, the Ogoni, the Ika, the Opobo, the Efik, the Anang, the Ibibio, the Ogoja the Obubra, the Owerri, the Anambra, the Udi, the Ezeagu, the Nkanu, the Nsukka, the Akpoto, the Izza the Izzi, the Ikwo, the Ngwa, the.
  3. Igbo Women Assembly call for a Referendum to settle the issue, once and for all. Our children have no future in Nigeria. We feel like the Israelites while in bondage under the Pharaohs of Egypt.
  4. If an Igbo man becomes the president, he will still kiss Fulani's shoes, likewise Yoruba or any tribe. Obaseki vs Ize-Iyamu: Bola Tinubu under fire for not speaking against Buhari gov
  5. Last February, we went to a group of people in Nigeria who strongly identify with and believe themselves to be descended from the ancient Jewish people of Israel. We were hosted by an organization called the Redeemed Israel Community of Nigeria (RICON). We conducted DNA testing on 124 males identified by RICON (as representative of the Igbo community)
  6. Traductions dans le dictionnaire français - igbo. Aucune traduction. Exemples Décliner. C'est là qu'en septembre 1944 je me suis fait baptiser pour symboliser le vœu que j'avais fait à Jéhovah Dieu plus d'un an et demi auparavant. Na September 1944, e mere m baptizim n'ime olulu ahụ, nke bụ́ ihe àmà nke nrara m raara onwe m nye Jehova Chineke ihe karịrị otu afọ na.
  7. God Hath Not Cast Away His People, The Israelites! CryAloudDaily. Follow. 9 years ago | 18 views. Breaking down Romans 9! Report. Browse more videos. Playing next. 11:22. PT23 THIS IS ONLY FOR THE ISRAELITES!!!! QAM YASHARAHLA!!!! The_Meek.

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A Sabbath service is underway at the Ghihon Hebrew Research synagogue in the Jikwoyi suburb of Nigeria's federal capital territory Igbo Jews are saidto have originated from Because no formal census has been taken in the region, the number of Igbo in Nigeria who identify as either Israelites or Jews is not known. There are currently 26 synagogues of various sizes. In 2008 an estimated 30,000 Igbos were practicing some form of Judaism. Others have cited a more conservative figure of 3,000 to 5,000 Igbo practicing. Igbo Women Assembly call for a Referendum to settle the issue, once and for all. Our children have no future in Nigeria. We feel like the Israelites while in bondage under the Pharaohs of Egypt. We desire freedom to follow our own designs and practice our Christian Religion without let or hindrance When you mean black, i guess West Africans including Afro-Americans. THE ANSWER IS NO. This movement has to be the most stupid and credulous thing I have ever came across, its a disgrace to anyone's intellect. Not even one shred of proof. SEE MY A.. Vérifiez les traductions 'bordure' en Igbo. Cherchez des exemples de traductions bordure dans des phrases, écoutez à la prononciation et apprenez la grammaire

markets Igbo weeks are four days long, and the market day is on the first of day each week; (I Kings 18) to the Igbo religion. The Israelites saw the worship of Baal as a rival to their worship of God, causing the prophet Elijah to challenge the prophets of Baal on Mount Carmel. python a very large, nonvenomous snake of Asia, Africa, and Australia, that squeezes its prey to death. raffia 1. 1969 - Henry Kissenger: The Igbo Are Wandering Jews June 25, 2019 July 7, 2019 by Black History In The Bible Yesterday I ran across a new piece of evidence that was interesting, but seemed too good to be true

Jerusalem for The True Hebrew Israelites. 184 J'aime. Preparing for our exodus Noté /5. Retrouvez Ten Lost Tribes: Ten Lost Tribes, Israelites, Hebrew Bible, Kingdom of Israel (united monarchy), Assyria, Bnei Menashe, Beta Israel, Persian Jews, Igbo Jews et des millions de livres en stock sur Amazon.fr. Achetez neuf ou d'occasio The Hebrews of Puerto Rico.... Once you come into the knowledge and understanding of the TRUTH, it is extremely difficult and perplexing to hear every.. Igbo Culture | Igbo Language Religion. Igboland's traditional religion is based on the belief that there is one creator, God, also called Chineke or Chukwu. The creator can be approached through numerous other deities and spirits in the form of natural objects, most commonly through the god of thunder (Amadioha). There is also the belief that ancestors protect their living descendants and.

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  1. Igbo Jews. Lemba As recounted in Lemba oral Assyrians conquered the Northern Kingdom of Israel, resulting in the exile of many of the Israelites, a subgroup of the Israelites that remained in the Land of Israel married Assyrian and female exiles relocated from other conquered lands, which was a typical Assyrian policy to obliterate national identities. The study goes on to say that Such.
  2. The Igbo Jews are said to have migrated from Syrian, Portuguese and Libyan Israelites into West Africa. Historical records shows that this migration started around 740 C.E.[citation needed] According to UCLA Jewish Historian Chinedu Nwabunwanne of Aguleri, the migration started when the forces of Caliph Mohammed—the last leader of the Umayyads—and his Qaysi-Arab supportes defeated the.
  3. The greatest conspiracy in the world is to hide the identity of the true Israelites. Therefore, historically and to this day, there is a conspiracy for the transposition of biblical geography from Igbo land to the Middle East setting. This conspiracy, first by the Hellenic Greeks, then the Romans, and in our times the British colonial.
  4. Watch Esau Is You Block Head Israelites Enemy JACK!!! - GMS-HOUSTON CAMP on Dailymotion. Search. Library. Log in. Sign up. Watch fullscreen. 9 years ago | 19 views. Esau Is You Block Head Israelites Enemy JACK!!! GMS-HOUSTON CAMP. Follow. 9 years ago | 19 views. Report. Browse more videos. Playing next. 7:44. PT7 The Hebrew Of The Hebrews Is The Israelites!.

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  2. Dedicated to little 4 year old Marayah! ? HAPPY FEAST OF DEDICATION!!! ENJOY Deuteronomy.7:6 For thou art an holy people unto the LORD thy God: the LORD thy God hath chosen thee to be a special people unto himself, abov
  3. How Many Times Did The Israelites Complain In The Wilderness. Page with description, applications, and links regarding online building records. How Many Times Did The Israelites Complain In The Wilderness.
Igbo Jews And The Star Of David On Flag Of Nigeria (19141897: Educated African Jewish Man Is ConceptuallyWhy do Nigerian Igbos say that the name Igbo came from the» Les Juifs messianiques affirment que les Nigérians ne65 best 12 tribes of Israel images on Pinterest | 12My Igbo & Akan slave ancestors from Jamaica & The TransIgbo top | Igbo bride, Igbo wedding dress, Traditional
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