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Shop our great range today and find your next perfect look. The latest fashion styles & trends, available now online. It's at Claire's Rectangular, oval and aviator sunglasses are the ideal complement to a heart-shaped face because they balance out your facial structure and make your jawline appear wider. Look for sunglasses that accentuate your high cheekbones and defined jaw, such as a classic pair of Wayfarers or sexy cat eyes. What is my face shape Oval glasses are ideal for heart-shaped faces as they help soften and balance out any angles. They don't overemphasize your cheekbones like round eyeglasses. Try tortoiseshell frames for a classic and understated option or add a pop of bright color The name says it all, oversized sunglasses not only provide cool look but they go great with a heart face shape because of the angular shape. Shapes such as square sunglasses provide a great contrast for a heart-shaped face. Not only will the oversized frames make your face slimmer and they will also make it appear much more narrow

Rimless glasses work for most face shapes because their subtle look is closer to wearing no glasses at all, aesthetically. For a heart-shaped face, the appeal of avoiding the choice of rim shape altogether is appealing. A related frame type to consider is semi-rimless Rectangular, oval, and aviator shaped sunglasses work for heart shaped faces. To balance out your facial structure and make your jaw appear a little wider, you want to look for sunglasses that accentuate your high cheekbones and defined jaw. For women especially, the frames should detract from the broadness of your forehead

Influencers like Emily Ratajkowski and Brad Goreski have a heart shaped face, which can include these features: • Wider forehead and cheekbones • Tapered, narrow chin • High and angled cheekbones For your heart shaped face, it's best to find eyeglass and sunglass frames that are wider than your forehead BEST GLASSES FOR HEART-SHAPED FACES. The heart-shaped face is the most common face shape there is. If you have a wider, broader forehead and a narrower jawline and chin, you're part of the heart-shaped face club. This face shape may look like an upside-down triangle or pyramid shape. The chin is the narrowest part of a heart-shaped face, and the features become wider all the way to the. And finally, a heart-shaped face is wider at the forehead but significantly narrower at the chin. If you're still unsure where you fall, ask someone: Anyone working at a glasses store or makeup. Match your face shape to stylist recommended sunglasses. Upload your picture or choose from heart, square, oval or round face shapes for the shades that fit you best TRY: Round Eyeglasses #7810017 You don't always have to rock a pale color to complement a heart-shaped face. Thin frames of any tone add balance and softness to your look, especially in round or oval shapes. If you like the vintage look of cat-eye glasses, try these ultra-thin hot pink glasses

The features outlined below should be considered by people with heart-shaped faces. Bottom-Heavy Glasses - Bottom-heavy sunglasses balance out the top-heavy heart-shaped face. These types of sunglasses add some width to the lower part of the face. The Tom Ford Jennifer Sunglasses line is a good example of sunglasses that are bottom-heavy The best glasses for heart shape faces are rectangle, oval or aviator shapes. Finding the right pair of eyeglasses for your heart shape face may feel daunting, but EyeBuyDirect has the scoop on how to find a frame in a heartbeat! Whether you're looking for men's or women's eyeglasses. Heart shaped faces feature curved lines and elegant angles A heart-shaped face is widest at the forehead and narrower in the jaw. You'll achieve your most favorable look with a pair of shades that actually have a similar ratio. For example, Wayfarers are..

Similarly to your everyday optical frames, anyone with a heart shaped face will benefit from the wide variety of sunglasses on offer that will suit their face shape perfectly. Keep to the same dos and don'ts that you would with your optical frames and you'll still have a wide range of sunglasses to choose from in the Arlo Wolf selection Heart face shape. Heart-shaped faces have a broad forehead and wide cheekbones that narrow down to a small chin. Lots of shapes will suit you, but your goal is to choose frames that will provide contrast and balance to your face. If you have this face shape, you should consider the following: Oval glasses don't overemphasise your cheek bones How to Choose Glasses for Heart Face Shape? Do you wear heart on your face? Oh wait! We mean to say is your face heart-shaped? This face is quite distinguished than other face shapes and comes across as bubbly and charming. If you are an eyeglass wearer, you need to choose the one which matches this versatile face shape. Eyeglasses are not just used for vision correction, it's moreover a.

Glasses for heart-shaped faces. If you have a heart-shaped face, your go-to option would be the classic wayfarer style, or something similarly iconic and striking like a cat-eye silhouette. These frames will complement your face by following the line of your jaw. Avoid sunglass styles with a thick upper frame, as these will over-exaggerate the size of your upper face, making it appear. GLASSES for YOUR Face SHAPE If you click to SPONSOR me you will get early access to some of my videos and soon I will add some exclusives there too! MY MUSIC.. Glasses frames for men's face shape with a 'heart' structure. You might be wondering if your face is indeed heart-shaped. This face shape is similar to an oval or triangle but your widow's peak hairline puts you more firmly in the heart face shape category

Men with heart face shapes will find that their chin is pointier than any other dimensions on their face and their forehead is wider than cheekbones. Heart face shapes go best with small and medium-sized sunglasses that create balance between the smaller jaw and larger forehead. D-frame and aviator styles suit this face shape extremely well because they add length to the face. Try to avoid. Choose your next sunglasses or eyeglasses based on your face shape. There's a vast selection of Ray-Ban products for round faces and all other face types: discover how to pick sunglasses for your face shape by answering three simple question. There are different glasses for each face shape type Dec 22, 2016 - Explore Katrina Stewart's board Glasses Heart Shaped Face on Pinterest. See more ideas about Glasses, Heart face shape, Glasses for your face shape

Frames with details on the bottom will draw the eye downward and help balance a heart-shaped face, which is characterized by high, wide-set cheekbones tapering to a narrow chin. High Street,.. Heart. Your Face Is | Wider across the cheeks with a narrower chin, a heart shaped face traditionally has a widow's peak hairline and defined jawline. Celebrity Face Shape Twin | Kourtney Kardashian, Reese Witherspoon, Miranda Kerr and Madonna are your heart-shaped-face-sisters Rectangular, square & aviator frames tend to pair well with a heart-shaped face. See our selection of great frames for men & women with heart-shaped faces Browse our curated collection of frames chosen to flatter women with a heart face shape

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