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Subject: Re: [paparazzi] GPS ITOW and UTC time in GCS . I don't quite understand, this seems like a bad workaround to me. If you set the camera time to UTC (which includes leap seconds) and correctly convert the GPS time (week and itow to UTC) where is the problem? — Reply to this email directly or view it on GitHub MESURES Pc Tablette MESURES Tablette Smartphone. MESURES Smartphone mini FORUM. © iTow 2005-2020. Tous droits réservés I've noticed a problem with the GPS ITOW timing on the MicroNav GPS Data Packet. The U-Blox ITOW (milli-seconds into week) are output with 4 bytes, but the MicroNav truncates them to 2 bytes (bytes 28 & 29). Because of this the ITOW rolls over every 65 seconds (2^16/1000). I'm planning on making the following change to the firmware in MAINLOOP.C function gps_process( void ). gps_output_package.

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  1. For more information, see _itoa_s, _itow_s functions. To use these functions without the deprecation warning, define the _CRT_SECURE_NO_WARNINGS preprocessor macro before including any CRT headers. You can do this on the command line in a developer command prompt by adding the /D_CRT_SECURE_NO_WARNINGS compiler option to the cl command. Otherwise, define the macro in your source files. If you.
  2. GPS. Navio features NEO-M8N in Navio+ and Navio2. Full tech specs are available at the official product page. These GPS modules are connected over SPI and send messages, containing location information and receive messages with configuration data. U-blox NEO example¶ This example is designed to show an easy way to capture and decode UBX protocol messages. For simplicity, it only parses UBX.
  3. GPS Week mod 1024: GPS Seconds of Week : Day of the year: Seconds of the day >> << 2015-01-29 V1.1.0 . Leading-edge GNSS device testing . If you need to record, replay or simulate multi-frequency, multi-constellation signals, then we have an easy to use, and cost-effective solution. SatGen signal simulation software can now be used with LabSat Wideband to simulate all major constellations and.
  4. iTools est fourni pour les spoofers iPhone / iPad qui veulent simuler l'emplacement des GPS. Basé sur les puissantes fonctionnalités de localisation virtuelle et de riches expériences sur les jeux GPS, vous pouvez facilement vous téléporter à n'importe quelle position, créer vos propres routes et simuler n'importe quel itinéraire en mouvement
  5. UTC and GPS time deviate (on average) every 18 months by one additional second. This is called a leap second, introduced in UTC time base, necessary to adjust for changes in the earth's rotation. GPS Time not adjusted by leap seconds. Currently (2013) there is an offset of 16s: GPS Time-UTC = 16 seconds . Unix time is a time format not a time reference. It represents the number of milliseconds.
  6. Les coordonnées GPS sont formées à partir des deux composantes que sont la latitude et la longitude. La position nord-sud d'un point est donné par sa latitude, quand sa longitude nous renseigne sur sa position est-ouest. Utilisez cette carte pour convertir des adresses en coordonnées GPS
  7. SX1302 Hardware Abstraction Layer and Tools (packet forwarder...) - Lora-net/sx1302_ha


  1. SparkFun GPS-RTK Dead Reckoning Breakout - ZED-F9R (Qwiic) GPS-16344 . $289.95. Favorited Favorite 2. Wish List! SparkFun GPS Breakout - NEO-M9N, U.FL (Qwiic) GPS-15712 . $64.95. 2. Favorited Favorite 7. Wish List! SparkFun GPS-RTK Dead Reckoning pHAT for Raspberry Pi.
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  3. cd Navio/C++/Examples/GPS make gps ./gps After you run the code, you will start seeing messages with current location data. Note that it takes some time for the receiver to get it's position and at first you will see zero value of latitude, longitude and height. iTOW parameter will change every second
  4. Comment télécharger installer et mettre à jour votre GPS I-GO *Il vous faudra un adaptateur pour lire les cartes micro SD sur votre PC 1) Télécharger le logiciel (attention à la compatibilité il existe de nombreuses versions) -Copier et coller le lien que nous vous avons envoyé dans la barre de votre navigateur préféré pour accéder au site de téléchargement « MEGA » -Faire un.
  5. e buffer size when the array declaration is visible to the compiler, and not for.
  6. iTowns est une plateforme technologique de l'IGN permettant de visualiser et d'exploiter tous types de données géographiques 3D à travers le web

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  1. 1 Quai Yves Barbier - 70000 - VESOUL. Entrez une adresse pour la géolocaliser. Puis déplacez le marqueur comme bon vous semble
  2. Forum iTow.fr - Centre d'informations Stats du forum 13965 Messages dans 1373 Sujets par 311 Membres. Dernier membre: Franc_is Dernier message: Re : Graphique temperatu... ( 01 octobre 2020 - 16:24:16 pm ) Voir les plus récents messages du forum. Membres en ligne 7 Invités, 0 Membres Record de connexions aujourd'hui: 16. Record de connexions absolu: 150 (22 avril 2012 - 21:19:57 pm) SMF 2.
  3. The date time used by the Global Positioning System (GPS) date time is normally expressed as a week number and a seconds-of-week number. This format is not as easy to work with as a normal calendar date time. This app can help to convert the GPS week-seconds format into the equivalent local date time and vice-versa. It has the option to choose which local UTC time zone to use for conversion
  4. Découvrez le produit : GPS 4,3 Europe carte à vie - Mappy Iti S456 de notre gamme GPS auto sur Logicom-europe.com. Retrouvez toutes les info sur nos produits High-Tec
  5. ute. i.e. 432060= 00:01 UT= 12:01 LT. 402060= 00:01 UT= 12:01 LT. 432120= 00:02 UT= 12:02 LT. and so forth. I have been trying to convert this 6 digit numbers stored in variable 't' to HH:MM LT format (storing it in variable t2) using various examples.

Traductions en contexte de GPS or A-GPS en anglais-français avec Reverso Context : Preferably GSM communication and GPS or A-GPS positioning methods are used U-blox GPS receivers (for example TIM-LH with firmware v5.00) provide raw measurement data which contain pseudorange, carrier phase and integrated doppler. Also each raw measurement message (RXM-RAW in UBX binary protocol) provides ITOW (measurement integer millisecond GPS time of week, [ms]), we call it GPS time. This GPS time expressed in seconds is fractional. Two GPS receivers working. Découvrez le produit : GPS 4,3 Europe carte à vie - Mappy Iti E431T de notre gamme GPS auto sur Logicom-europe.com. Retrouvez toutes les info sur nos produits High-Tec Se souvenir de moi Non recommandé sur les ordinateurs partagés. Connectez-vous anonymement. Connexion. Mot de passe oublié Comment dire Itow Anglais? Prononciation de Itow à 1 prononciation audio, et de plus pour Itow

At the pulse, time will be

GPS Mappy. ITI S446 EUR14 - Carte Europe de l'Ouest 14 pays - Ecran 4,3 pouces (10,9 cm) - Mise à jour cartographique à vie (4 MAJ par an) - Technologie Bluetoot GPS Enterprise Space & Missile Systems Center (SMC) - LAAFB SPECIFICATION DOCUMENT UNLESS OTHERWISE SPECIFIED: NUMBERS ARE REPRESENTED IN DECIMAL FORM. Interface Control Contractor: SAIC (GPS SE&I) 200 N. Pacific Coast Highway, Suite 1800 El Segundo, CA 90245 TITLE: NAVSTAR GPS Space Segment/ User Segment L1C Interfaces THIS DOCUMENT SPECIFIES TECHNICAL REQUIREMENTS AND NOTHING HEREIN. Pour votre GPS, Autoradio Multimédia, Smartphone, Tablette, etc.. Version Standard sous Win CE. Ou Version Premium sous Win CE ou Androïd. Auto - Moto - Camping Car - Poids Lourd. avec réglage du gabarit. Et les dernières cartographies de l'Europe 2020 Navteq Here sortie. Août 2020 version 2020.Q2 . Sur carte SD ou MicroSD. A partir de 37,00€ COMMANDER: Pour plus de renseignement.

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The GPS timestamp is the same thing but the reference is different,and seems to be December 31st, 1979, 23:59:42 (technically it is December 1st 1980, 00:00:00 UTC, but the leap seconds are not taken in account the same way). So do go from GPS to POSIX and vice-versa you add/subtract 315964782 seconds. POSIX time is supported in all computer libratries. In python: Output: >>> import datetime. ZED-F9P u-blox F9 high precision GNSS module Integration manual Abstract This document describes the features and application of the ZED-F9P, a multi-band GNSS module with integrated RTK offering centimeter leve UTC: Oct 06, 2020: 09:18:27: UTC: Central: Oct 06, 2020: 04:18:27: CDT: Pacific: Oct 06, 2020: 02:18:27: PD u-blox 8 / u-blox M8 Receiver Description - Manual Document Information Title u-blox 8 / u-blox M8 Receiver Description Subtitle Including Protocol Specification v15-20.30,22-23.0

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Here's something random for a Thursday, the following is some simple C++ code for checking the checksum of a u-blox binary GPS packet, for some reason we get quite a few packet data errors, so it turns out that it is important to check the checksum UbxGps. This Arduino library was developed for the fastest and simplest communication with u-blox GPS modules, which support proprietary UBX protocol that is binary and therefore more compact than common NMEA.Main idea was to achieve real 10 Hz from NEO-7M and it was done iTOW: Blob: GPS time of week of the navigation epoch in ms (four-byte unsigned integer) year: Integer: Year (UTC) month: Integer: Month in range 1-12 (UTC) day: Integer: Day of month in range 1-31 (UTC) hour: Integer: Hour of day in range 0-23 (UTC) min: Integer: Minute of hour in range 0-59 (UTC) sec: Integer: Seconds of minute in range 0-60 (UTC) valid: Table: Validity flags : tAcc: Integer. #1 GPS Time Flow-Thru Status: open Owner: nobod

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# # This message combines Position, velocity and time solution in LLH, # including accuracy figures # # WARNING: For firmware version 7, this message is a different length. # uint8 CLASS_ID = 1 uint8 MESSAGE_ID = 7 uint32 iTOW # GPS Millisecond time of week [ms] uint16 year # Year (UTC) uint8 month # Month, range 1..12 (UTC) uint8 day # Day of month, range 1..31 (UTC) uint8 hour # Hour of day. The BGM-71 TOW (Tube-launched, Optically tracked, Wire-guided) is an American anti-tank missile.TOW replaced much smaller missiles like the SS.10 and ENTAC, offering roughly twice the effective range, a more powerful warhead, and a greatly improved semi-automatic guidance system that could also be equipped with infrared cameras for night time use Lifestyle. Ubx nav pv /* This file is part of AutoQuad. AutoQuad is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or (at your option) any later version

Ublox GPS I2C async library for mbed. Hardware overview & Mbed Enabled. Learn about hardware support for Mbed, as well as the Mbed Enabled program, which identifies Mbed compatible product 26 * You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License alon C++ (Cpp) isleap - 30 examples found. These are the top rated real world C++ (Cpp) examples of isleap extracted from open source projects. You can rate examples to help us improve the quality of examples

ÿû VBRI 1d ˜³â ºhn 1÷.&,(+¾.t-ú,Â-,.‹- /Ë*¦,N0Œ1r3L-¿.ñ3¯3Ý230Ý0^3 .S.×,d0÷-A.>.â05-:. .*1D/Þ1æ/\-*0-,%.>2 .½.r/C/C1G-Á.F.Û)²-ñ2 2. Les signaux GPS - GPS signals. Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre. géodesie; Principes fondamentaux. géodesie; géodynamique; Géomatique; L'histoire; concepts. La distance géographique; géoïde; Figure de la Terre ( rayon de la Terre et la circonférence de la Terre). Forum de abcelectronique.com : Electronique Analogique et Num rique, Software - P ri-informatique, D pannag C++ (Cpp) g_main_loop_quit - 30 examples found. These are the top rated real world C++ (Cpp) examples of g_main_loop_quit extracted from open source projects. You can rate examples to help us improve the quality of examples

id3 tit2 ÿþÀ+etcon (12)priv gxmp À+ Paparazzi is a free software Unmanned Aircraft System. Main Page; Related Pages; Modules; Data Structures; File List; Global

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ID3 yTENC Dalet Digital Media SystemsTXXX( originator_referenceFRDMS000000000000TDRC 2020:09:18TXXX8 coding_historyA=MPEG1L2,F=48000,B=256,W=16,M=STEREO TXXX time_reference1257170592TSSE Lavf57.34.103ÿû´Xing RfÝ %'),.0358:â¡ ,œüÌì 5ùäÅ%4;ඳh ² ÿó‹a7r g0À£]#0BÏÿ LàxÁŒŒPOÿÿÌt$ÄÁÑý§ƒ ÂÆ'B`â&6 d ?ÿÿàÐõ\ ‚2ý. GPS: 1176 Military Tracer Magazine: 1177 Diving Tank: 1178 Wetsuit Top: 1179 Wetsuit Bottom: 1180 Snorkel: 1181 Black Dufflebag: 1182 Blue Dufflebag: 1183 Green Dufflebag: 1184 Orange Dufflebag: 1185 Purple Dufflebag: 1186 Red Dufflebag: 1187 White Dufflebag: 1188 Yellow Dufflebag: 1189 Ranger Muzzle: 1190 Ranger Barrel: 1191 High Caliber Military Ammunition Crate: 1192 High Caliber Ranger. Pastebin.com is the number one paste tool since 2002. Pastebin is a website where you can store text online for a set period of time GPS_AGM output. GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets

Français. English ; Français ; Liste de souhaits (0) Compte; Panier; Commande Discussion Title Created date ; Xmega WDT Period Hi All, Anyone know how to set the WDT timeout value to a custom period like 5 minutes

Eߣ B† B÷ Bò Bó B‚webmB‡ B S€g -Í0 M›t@-M»‹S« I©fS¬ ßM»ŒS« T®kS¬‚ NM» S« S»kS¬ƒ-ËÐì £ I©f c*×±ƒ B@{©›well that escalated quicklyM€ Lavf55.36.101WA Lavf55.36.101s¤ ÷ç¢ÅÌ aëŽ-‹ ¯ó'D‰ˆ@ïîÀ T®k G® >× sÅ œ µœƒund†V_VP8ƒ #ムý¬à °‚ Àº‚ PT°‚ ÀTº‚ P C¶u $^ç d£  €Ðã *À P. Parcourir les pages. Les groupes, les entreprises, les restaurants, les marques et les célébrités peuvent créer des pages pour communiquer avec leurs fans ou leurs clients su 0&²uŽfÏ ¦ÙªbÎl± 3&²uŽfÏ ¦ÙªbÎlx $ ø­¬¹´Æ ® ¬°À-tÇ ÁTÖC¯l­¹ ¤»ÁÉ ¾\¸ø­LÇEÅ ¬ÁÀ@Ç C¯l­¹ ¤»ÁÉ ¾\¸ø­¡Ü«ŒG©Ï ŽäÀ Seh t#o) ÓM Øš4½Yðyç `@ cê Ë | é' '' Ÿ Ÿ ™žµ ¿_.©Ï ŽãÀ SeÍ ÒÓ«º©Ï ŽæÀ Se Ÿ ©FC|àïüK²)9>ÞA\! ko]‹ñ&EìGŸ_ e RÉ êËøů[wHgªŒDúLÊz IsVBR 4. Paparazzi is a free software Unmanned Aircraft System. Main Page; Related Pages; Modules; Data Structures; All Data Structures Namespaces Files Functions Variables Typedefs Enumerations Enumerator Macros Modules Page ITOW is another GPS-related value, being a value that corresponds to the 1PPS signal. The correlation between the two isn't properly reflected on the LCD, since I do not have the CPU time to update the LCD at the rate I'd like. This was actually one of the major things that improved in the upgrade to the Xmega devices. Rev 5: Complete architecture switch. Now uses a ATxmega128A1U processor.

An icon used to represent a menu that can be toggled by interacting with this icon Forum de abcelectronique.com : Electronique Analogique et Numérique, Software - Péri-informatique, Dépannag id3 6 tyer ÿþ2020tdat ÿþ0909time ÿþ1618priv ¸xm I suspect a name clash with something defined in another header file that you're including because those names defined at global scope in defines.h are very frequently used words that could easily clash with a #define or something else that you can't see

Собираю GPS спидометр на таких компонентах: Arduino NANO + GPS NEO 6M + LCD 0,94. Есть под это дело скетч, который был разработан под NEO 7. Путём сравнения вычислил что у них рахная максимальная частота работы, что уже исправил но всё. Eߣ B† B÷ Bò Bó B‚webmB‡ B S€g ‚| M›t@ ÍÒü9âX«uò Ò93 ûÅT+ t'*x~i&on›Øሠ'UèÑW Rvã‡`Ç¢ð#óÌÀ—mà Uô§ 9 â. GPS time. GPS time is the time as relayed by the atomic clocks on board GPS satellites. These clocks form the basic technology for the Global Positioning System and their signals are what are used to work out positing information. But GPS time signals can also provide an accurate source of time for computer networks - although strictly speaking GPS time does differ to UTC. No Leap Seconds.

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Python-etcd documentation. 99 ( Expires Sept. a truncated ublox gps daemon in python. Find the latest Kirkland Lake Gold Ltd. View ubx_checksum. It does save about 120 RX interrupts per update (only 40 characters instead of 160), and the binary numbers don't have to get parsed from ASCII decimal. Chief UBX Officer. 99) and as an e-book (ISBN: 9781589486195, US$69. This module is able to read. Not a member of Pastebin yet? Sign Up, it unlocks many cool features!. raw download clone embed report print Arduino 13.93 KB . #include <SoftwareSerial.h> u-blox 8 / u-blox M8 Receiver Description - Manual Document Information Title u-blox 8 / u-blox M8 Receiver Description Subtitle Including Protocol Specification v15-20.30,22-23.01 Document type Manual Document number UBX-13003221 Revision and date R15 (26415b7) 6 March 2018 Document status Early Production Information Document status explanatio ID3 5TPE1 WTOP RadioTALB Recorded on Logger1TIT2 Latest Traffic Reportÿû'À 8Ý Œ=+HÚ ¤0ö œMÆÛmÿý±Á `T e¹E¨ Ý.B-A¢ÞX׈!pm ƒ!viªÚ C ¨oQ³ÈœTC Receiver specification Model: RAC-C1-----www.broadgnss.com N22°33'23.7264599999988E113°56'33.3993599987997

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id3 ajtyer 2020tdat 2005time 2031priv xmp \ ° ˜ [Paparazzi-devel] Tiny V2.11 GPS Configuration, Bryan Rogler, 17:25 [Paparazzi-devel] Reply toReply toCamera Target Coordinates (Felix Ruess) #2, Chris, 17:22 [Paparazzi-devel] Reply tocamera Target Coordinates (Felix Ruess), Chris, 16:48; Re: [Paparazzi-devel] dev branch: change of rotorcraft commands range and some rotorcraft guidance fixes, Gautier Hattenberger, 16:08; Re: [Paparazzi. ÿû @K€ p w3¦=) X ætÇ¥ ¤ d¤MAQÌ « Ä0œ -éü7øxñXBǬBÄÍžþ™ # £n ´hѱîsœç8 @ƒ ŸQÂïâ w ƒáò øƒ¬ x> å å !. ɃR ²RH& ¨æ Õˆb N Ëtþ ü ñ8 t¸ € £m¹m'!6 ªÜû©Jz Šø:X‚ G â~¸$'¢jIW 軡ÎJDŠ '/ Ié ²ä ‡òx ÒʧÆ#ch dÇ˦ +[ ° ÆØØ­ pÍ—R6«]ö¹uv¶ø;X˜ÜÉ->ûŒãͽFºÿ·˜ ~ÑQíšG}Æ. 8BPS b : kš8BIM % 8BIM $:Œ Adobe Photoshop CS6 (Macintosh) 2013-04-25T11:38:28+02:00 2013-04-25T11:41:30+02:00 2013-04-25T11:41:30+02:00 application/vnd.adobe. ZED-F9P Interface Description - Manual Name Description 1 = Valid GPS time of week (iTOW & fTOW, see Time Validity section for details) towValid 1 = Valid GPS week number (see Time Validity section for details) weekValid leapSValid 1 = Valid GPS leap seconds 5.14.22 UBX-NAV-TIMELS (0x01 0x26) Page 175 ZED-F9P Interface Description - Manual NAV-TIMELS continued Byte Offset Number Scaling Name.

The_Power_of_Darkness^»¼_^»¼`BOOKMOBI _¯ È(ì 0\ 6ø =¸ D¹ Kò S× [¯ bú j q! xá € †Ò ' Ï šÎ¡ $¨Y&¯}(¶C*½º,ÄJ.ËU0Ñþ2ت4ßP6æ¼8í:ô¯ûv> @ £B ND 0F H %\J ,lL 3~N 9ÀP @+R GKT MzV T X \6Z c \ j ^ qz` x]b •d †af žh Oj š^l ßn ¨Tp ¯±r ¶bt ½¥v ÄÈx Ì/z Ò²| Ù¬~ á6€ éc‚ ð ÷_† ýÈ Š !Œ BŽ y $ ' ,C .÷- .ø. PK 8´•J¼áþ i[ ch001.xhtmlUT ¬lúX¬lúXux ! !¬[Û'ã6'}÷W`4±1ݳºªïUÕ5Qn·ÃžµÝ=}YÇƆc ! .' R*ùÉ û ±ósþ'=™ Ô­¬ û¡»ª. ÿû @K€ p È /‡˜i .†å°ó Ø*g]IUõ Èt ‡§:½ #,™4í®ïÄB 7ã»»Ÿ Ο ¿ýà ¸œ åß ø 9œ‰Ïê ü1(èœ>P bp Îb uÔÒ-U `N!‡C$ œ -M. ¤{ùÅ#Ò«§ ÚØÈ †à £ f ¦Çð Ö¨ù ¬enÆ jÍë YÂr˜ö Øi ø¯sþ a/ü˜ p¹3ØÒ öé( c4()Hd‡®‡ ÍüÕÚÁkNÂJÉ%Ç°O céˆÞôC@ T†vGNÙ GQ'­ý?³L§ßH ûBLáÂ- ,Æs0n:ÿ;â ƒŽÓY0T=ˆ» ‰ ¦T ; °´ f-õ à×µ .Úß øéV‡ CöŽ!½QTT*w yA'b»Æ8#w g 㮻ȉ>pÒmª ¥‡óˆ,ÉKŽ ·EÒ¬ ˜â×7ÜEãÚisš ˜‰› (Y.

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PK BMeN¢ó#Љ\¡š ch001.xhtmlUT [6~\[6~\ux ! !ä\[o#Gv~÷¯¨p @Z( çªáF {ì±=öÄ c716@±»H-Õ즻ºÅ¡Ÿ ä%¯ ‡ §ü Aòœ °û üKò SU}c7. Hi Freaks, I don't understand while this won't compile: in .h file [code:1] struct GPS_POSITION_ Eߣ B† B÷ Bò Bó B‚webmB‡ B S€g >çš M›t@-M»‹S« I©fS¬ ßM»ŒS« T®kS¬‚ HM» S« S»kS¬ƒ>çDì £ I©f ]*×±ƒ B@{©•1080P_4000K_299690042M€ Lavf56.40.101WA Lavf56.40.101s¤ DÕ¼gÃƱ9 É]'|œƒD‰ˆ@Ím T®k «® 4× sÅ œ µœƒund†V_VP8ƒ #ムü Uà °‚ º‚ À® e× sÅ œ µœƒund†ˆA_VORBISƒ á Ÿ µˆ@刀bd c. ÿû ÄXing n{©Ÿ¡ !#&(*,/2468• [*ŠªÉ™cb´ÍÒTwÔiùÁ:Ù(} ÿ_o#ÜcG ¥ë:v©¨n ÔvîÜ«_ º¾€ƒ ÿû€Äæ •ciìá#J˜..½25UC ¨O 8jªE 2S,˜Ô‰ñud#¥u*$# ®¬½ë* t~Y6å,WÕ2ls|2{µ-i Öí & ávÕßøðåA½Œ¨ç£ y4>³éH ~bÙ¦nÞÒŒ3c[ ˜Mõã/>‹æì×b·cû¬;sæœÎæ)¹4yïdè¾Uú¯þ˹ ¢ ¹FD bZ- ¨È œ ³ ÃW Íáy‹âòøh¯ ñZ4# Å.

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Ublox ubx protoco Two independent GPS receivers are mounted inside the radon hut (see Section 7.2) located near the entrance to the Atotsu tunnel to the Super-Kamiokande tank. These receivers are from different manufacturers (a Truetime model XL receiver, and a Motorola Model UT-Plus Oncore receiver module mounted on a custom made support board), with independent internal data processing systems and software. ID3 #TSSE Lavf58.29.100ÿû ÀInfo ,ÞIBH !$&)+.1368;=@CEHJMORTWY\^acfhkmpsuxz}€‚‡ŠŒ '—™œž¡¤¦©«®°³µ¸º½. ID3 vTCON OtherGEOB SfMarkers dGEOBˆSfCDInfo d ‰Æ'Ó ÌÇL¿ žbð d‰Æ'Ó ÌÇL¿ žbðDDÿÿÿÿÿû'À . %À. ID3 TPE1 besedaTALB echo.msk.ruTIT2 Oct 05, 21:15TYER 2020ÿûPXing Cr9›è #&'*-/1468;=?BEGJMORUWZ\^adfiloqtvx{~€ƒ†ˆ‹Ž'•™›ž¡£¦©ª­°²µ.

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Navio: Reading GPS coordinates from U-blox NEO receiver

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